Vladivostok – Travel to the Most Attractive City of Russia


Vladivostok is the picturesque city of Russia. Its scenic location didn’t fail to impress me. People mostly visited Mosco and St. Petersburg when they try to find plan out a trip to Russia and miss out on cities like this. So, this time I was determined to explore the beauty of Vladivostok. It has a lot to offer to the tourist. If you are going to visit the city anytime soon, take a look at the things you can do.

Popov Island

You will find the island in the Peter the Great Gulf. It is frequented by locals. The warm summer water and the sandy beach came as a much-needed break. The site is perfect for some outdoor recreation. I also found the Museum of Nature and the far Eastern Sea Reserve in the Gulf. Check out the fauna of the sea by indulging yourself in some scuba diving. To reach you will have to take a ferry. It takes are one hour forty minutes to reach.

Zolotoy Bridge

This structure astonished me. The modern design and the large structure is something to marvel at. It connects Churkin district with the downtown of the city. Even though you can stop by anytime you want, it best to visit in the evening. The light on the bridge offers a splendid look. I was stunned by the breathtaking view of the bridge.

Vladivostok Fortress

Are you interested in military science? Do not miss out on this attraction. Vladivostok Fortress is considered to be one of the strongest naval fortresses. It hasn’t ever been a part of any action as after it had been constructed in the later half of the nineteenth century, it was impossible to attack the coast. Visit this place to know about its history and to check out the exhibits from Primorye history.