Uglich – Touring the Ancient Town on Volga River

Uglich is one of the undiscovered places in Russia. This is exactly the reason I was tempted to pay a visit to this city. You might not believe but there are so many things that you can do here. In case you are planning to visit Uglich any time soon, here are a few things that you can check out.

Marvel at the Ancient Russian Architecture

Uglich Kremlin is the center of the city. On 15th May 1591, a tragic event is known to have taken place here, which shook the entire country. Dimitri, Ivan the Terrible, the youngest son of Russia tsar, was found murdered in the courtyard. The Dimitri Church on the Blood has been constructed at this place. The chambers have been preserved.

At the center of Kremlin, I found the Cathedral of Transfiguration with 5 domes. Right next to this you will find the thirty-seven meters bell tower. No doubt, it is a spectacular architectural beauty.

Take a Walk through the Town

The people of the town are friendly and welcoming. A walk through the streets enabled me to interact with them. It was a lovely experience. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the two-storied houses which once to be resided by the popular Uglich merchants. You will find tiled stoves preserved inside the houses.

Drop in the Museum of the Evil Spirit


This is a museum that is devoted to the Russian superstitions and folk tales. It had been developed by Daria, the artist and Alexander, her husband. As I stepped inside the museum, I found it to be a replica of the house of a peasant. There are utensils, tools, trunks, and many more things. Take the exciting tours to learn about the customs, omens, mythology, and everyday life of the Russian people who used to live here.