Darwin: Fun Things to Do

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Are you a fan of tropical climate and landscape like me? Then you should definitely visit Darwin. The tropical climate makes it the best vacation destination for travelers. Escape from the bustling city to enjoy an average temperature of 30-degree centigrade. There are several things that you can do if you love sports, greenery, and gallery. Let’s take a look at the fun things you can do when you are in Darwin.

Get a Closer Look at the Crocodiles

The icon of the Northern Territory are the crocodiles. Thus, the first place that I visited when I was in Darwin was the Crocodile Dundee. Due to the presence of crocodile, there are many beaches which are restricted for use. However, there are many places which will allow you to see a crocodile up close. I visited the Crocodylus Park that has been founded by crocodile biologist.

Make a Stop at Tiwi Island

The chain of 9 islands, Tiwi Island has 2 large islands which are uninhabited. Most of the residents of the islands are Tiwi who are known to have lived for 7000 years. This fascinating place brought me close to the vibrant culture and heritage. If you are a nature lover like me then you should definitely visit. Bird watchers are also in for some treat in here as you will many endangered and threatened species in here.

Relax at Wave Lagoon

Looking to beat the heat? Visit Wave Lagoon. The view from here is just stunning. I found this to be an excellent spot to rejuvenate and relax. You will get the feeling of relaxing in a tropical resort without paying for one. The waves in this pool are more than 1.7 meters high. It is frequented by locals, as well as visitors. You will also find many eating and shopping stalls close by.