Hurghada – The Picturesque City

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The whole city is based on waters and that is why most tourists love a larger amount of time here and mostly at the end of their trips as the city is relatively the coolest city among others in Egypt. Here you will find amazingly photogenic coral reefs and beaches filled with pink and peach sands, I would spend all of my time here, and it is that incredible. If you’re in Egypt for your summer break nothing can be better than ending your trip with this city. The freshness and welcoming people of this city will make you want to stay here forever. Here are some of my suggestions.

Giftun Islands

Giftun islands are the most loved tourist’s attractions around the city, the place is hot in its nature these islands offer the temperature that will want you to cool yourselves off. The beauty of these islands is just sublime and once you reach here you will find this exquisite open area with white sands and exotic blue waters stretched as far as you cannot even see. You can just sunbath there and relax or you can hire a boat and go into the waters. Swimming too is an amazing thing you’d love to do; apart from that kayaking is what visitors love doing the most and motorboat riding. The feel of those cool waters over you is just incredible.

Sindbad Submarine

If you have never been in a submarine, chances of which are very high because I mean come on, who in their normal going life experience the submarines right, well you are absolutely going to live this exploration. You sign up with the Sindbad guides and they will pick you up from your location, will then take you to the spot and take you almost twenty-five meters down the waters in the submarine. The whole ride is of approximately an hour and it is worth it.

Vladivostok – Travel to the Most Attractive City of Russia


Vladivostok is the picturesque city of Russia. Its scenic location didn’t fail to impress me. People mostly visited Mosco and St. Petersburg when they try to find plan out a trip to Russia and miss out on cities like this. So, this time I was determined to explore the beauty of Vladivostok. It has a lot to offer to the tourist. If you are going to visit the city anytime soon, take a look at the things you can do.

Popov Island

You will find the island in the Peter the Great Gulf. It is frequented by locals. The warm summer water and the sandy beach came as a much-needed break. The site is perfect for some outdoor recreation. I also found the Museum of Nature and the far Eastern Sea Reserve in the Gulf. Check out the fauna of the sea by indulging yourself in some scuba diving. To reach you will have to take a ferry. It takes are one hour forty minutes to reach.

Zolotoy Bridge

This structure astonished me. The modern design and the large structure is something to marvel at. It connects Churkin district with the downtown of the city. Even though you can stop by anytime you want, it best to visit in the evening. The light on the bridge offers a splendid look. I was stunned by the breathtaking view of the bridge.

Vladivostok Fortress

Are you interested in military science? Do not miss out on this attraction. Vladivostok Fortress is considered to be one of the strongest naval fortresses. It hasn’t ever been a part of any action as after it had been constructed in the later half of the nineteenth century, it was impossible to attack the coast. Visit this place to know about its history and to check out the exhibits from Primorye history.


Uglich – Touring the Ancient Town on Volga River

Uglich is one of the undiscovered places in Russia. This is exactly the reason I was tempted to pay a visit to this city. You might not believe but there are so many things that you can do here. In case you are planning to visit Uglich any time soon, here are a few things that you can check out.

Marvel at the Ancient Russian Architecture

Uglich Kremlin is the center of the city. On 15th May 1591, a tragic event is known to have taken place here, which shook the entire country. Dimitri, Ivan the Terrible, the youngest son of Russia tsar, was found murdered in the courtyard. The Dimitri Church on the Blood has been constructed at this place. The chambers have been preserved.

At the center of Kremlin, I found the Cathedral of Transfiguration with 5 domes. Right next to this you will find the thirty-seven meters bell tower. No doubt, it is a spectacular architectural beauty.

Take a Walk through the Town

The people of the town are friendly and welcoming. A walk through the streets enabled me to interact with them. It was a lovely experience. Marvel at the architectural beauty of the two-storied houses which once to be resided by the popular Uglich merchants. You will find tiled stoves preserved inside the houses.

Drop in the Museum of the Evil Spirit


This is a museum that is devoted to the Russian superstitions and folk tales. It had been developed by Daria, the artist and Alexander, her husband. As I stepped inside the museum, I found it to be a replica of the house of a peasant. There are utensils, tools, trunks, and many more things. Take the exciting tours to learn about the customs, omens, mythology, and everyday life of the Russian people who used to live here.  

Lagos: Experiencing All Unique Things

This was the first time I was visiting Lagos and I have to say that it didn’t disappoint. My friend back in DC mentioned it a while back when we caught up by phone.  I was told this would be a spot worthy of checking out & it definitely did not disappoint me.  It has everything that will make you fall in love with it. You will find all types of beaches here. The old town placed at the heart of the city is just like exploring heaven. If you are planning to visit Lagos anytime soon, here are a few things that you need to check out.

Ponta Da Piedade

Once you visit this place, you are never going to forget it. It is a true Portuguese natural wonder. It has outcrops, cliffs, and yellow and red limestone rising to twenty meters. The place has gnarled walls and you will find water down below. I took a boat tour to experience the caves and natural arches. However, going on foot is just going to be memorable. You descend down the stairs and catch in the breathtaking view it has to offer.

Praia Do Camilo

This is not like a typical beach. It is a great clove to be found at the foot of the cliff that has a tinge or ochre. Reaching the destination has been an adventure in itself as I had to descend some 200 steps. These are wooden stairway which is etched into the rock. Take a glance at the beautiful view of the golden sands of the ocean and yellow and red colored rock.

Meia Praia

On the left Bank of Bensafrim, I found a beach which is hardly much different from the rocky coves that are to be found on Lagos’ other side. This is an immense stretch of land and curls around the bay for 6 kilometers to Alvor Lagoon. The large arch of sand due to its size doesn’t ever feel overcrowded. The current in the water is stronger and also the water is much cooler than the coves.